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The Ghoxt Duffel Bag

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Introducing our new odor resistant duffel bag by Ghoxt. This carbon filter lined duffel bag, prevents any unwanted scents from escaping the bag. No one will know what was in your duffel bag.

The new Duffel bag made by GHOXT
The Ghoxt Duffel Bag

ODOR-PROOF BAG with activated carbon-liner will trap any odor that may leak from contents wrapped in the plastic Ziplock bag.CARBON-LINED MATERIAL made of the highest-quality fabric with an activated charcoal lining.Offers multiple LAYERS OF PROTECTION that effectively ABSORB EVEN THE STRONGEST OF SMELLS.FOR MOST EFFECTIVE USE, always place any odor emitting substance into a plastic bag BEFORE inserting inside the Bag. Unique technology optimizes a smell-proof security from a proprietary carbon-liner to eliminate odors.

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