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How Our Carbon Activated Technology Works...

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Ghoxt Smell Proof Backpack
Ghoxt Smell Proof Backpack

We recently unveiled our first line of smell proof bags, and the initial response has been incredible. We wanted to take a moment to talk about the technology a bit more. Our new line of GHOXT backpacks and duffel bags are individually lined with a carbon activated filter. Meaning, that when the material is triggered, the filter immediately captures the carbon molecules released off of the "items" within your bag. The chemical absorption prevents any scent from being detected. Activated carbon, or activated coal, also know as charcoal, is processed in such a way that it creates a type of spongelike surface, giving the material more of an area to absorb odors. 454 grams of activated carbon has a surface area of somewhere around 100 acres. Makes it pretty tough for any type of smell to get through that filter. No surprise, as to why our bags have become so popular with our discretion based audience. Our bags are made for a variety of reasons, wether it be for gym clothes, wetsuits, flowers, whatever! We won't judge!

Carbon Filter Activated Lining
Carbon Filter Activated Lining

smell proof technology
smell proof technology

The amazing factor of it all, is that the activated charcoal technology is ready to go right out of the box. Hands free. Simply place your belongings inside the bag and make sure that the airtight zipper is completely zipped up. The charcoal lining has a ton of surface, but over time it will fill up. If you find your smell proof bag beginning to wear off, simply place your bag in the dryer for 10-15 minutes. This will reactivate the filter. Our carbon filter technology is the most effective way to discreetly transport your product. We hope you enjoy your bag. To grab one for yourself, simply click here.

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Jun 28, 2019

Loving my bag! Perfect for discretion!

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